B.S. in Biblical Studies

Moody Bible Institute

Eli Boragine

Pastor of Student Ministries

My Ministry:

Teenagers are weird and interesting and brilliant and hilarious, which means that my job always keeps me on my toes. God is also constantly growing me and refining my heart through this ministry and the students that come through it, and I can’t imagine doing anything else right now.

About Me:

What's your favorite pastime?

1) Getting away with Mauri. Whenever my wife and I get out of town for a couple days, some of my favorite things are pretty much guaranteed: long drives, prolonged conversation, prayer for our friends, eating out, coffee stops, and trail mix with lots of m&m's.

2) Working out. Since being married to a personal trainer, exercise has become part of the rhythm of my normal life, and I love it. Not only is my body thankful, but I've learned more about who I am, who God is, and how to worship Him in working out than almost anything else.

3) Baking. Pastries, danishes, cakes, breads, cookies, brownies, custards, ganaches, meringues, compotes, frostings--if you can bake it, I'm into it. My passion is primarily for cake, but I love learning and trying new things.

What's something we should know about your personality?

Probably the most obvious thing about my personality is that I'm an introvert, so I recharge socially when I'm alone. When I get time by myself, you can usually find me reading, journaling, or researching a new cake recipe. In social settings, you will probably see me listening to the conversations around me or looking for food.

What's something surprising others should know?

One of the foundational pieces of my marriage and all my closest friendships is boxing. Through boxing we intentionally take the opportunity to test our hearts together, addressing and dealing with pride, unbelief, fears, and insecurities, all of which inevitably rise to the surface. And then we hold each other accountable to what God says about all of those things, encouraging and building one another up in Truth and Love. It is sometimes difficult and challenging, but it's worth it.

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Service Times

Sunday Worship Services: 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Student Ministries: Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.


5742 South 5th West

Idaho Falls, ID 83404

(208) 524-5433 / ccc@ccc-if.org